Adams County Sheriff's Office

Welcome to the Official Website of the

Adams County Wisconsin Sheriff’s Office 

401 Adams Street Suite 1, Friendship, Wisconsin 53934

608-339-3304 Toll Free 1-877-885-9977 Fax 608-339-4280

Mission Statement
To ensure public safety, in partnership with the community we serve.

- Core Values -
In order to achieve our mission, members of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office must possess high-quality values. Our core values are the standards that govern how every member is expected to conduct themselves in the performance of their duties:  

Professionalism - We will maintain a sense of duty to conduct ourselves with the highest level of competence and character.

Respect - We will recognize the worth, quality, diversity, and importance of each other, the people we serve, and our office.

Integrity - We will hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of honesty, truthfulness, and ethical conduct in all matters private and public.

Dedication - We will remain devoted and loyal to the organization, each other, our families, and the citizens we serve, despite any difficulty or personal sacrifice.

Ethics - We will always do the right thing for the right reasons, even when no one is looking.