Adams County Sheriff's Office


The Adams County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center is responsible for receiving and dispatching all emergency and non-emergency calls for service within Adams County, and answering all administrative phone calls coming into the Sheriff’s Office. The Dispatch Center is currently staffed by a dispatch sergeant, eight full-time dispatchers, and two part-time dispatchers.


When contacting the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, please be patient with the dispatcher. The dispatchers may have multiple phone calls and radio traffic occurring simultaneously, in addition to your phone call. The dispatcher is required to get certain information from you if you are calling in a complaint or emergency. The dispatcher will need to get the nature of the complaint and as much information as possible regarding what is occurring. This helps them determine what resources are needed for that call for service. It is important to try to remain calm while speaking with the dispatcher and speak clearly; if you are emotional or not speaking clearly it can be difficult for the dispatcher to obtain the necessary information needed to adequately advise responding resources. The dispatcher will also ask you for your name and the names of anyone else involved, although callers are allowed to remain anonymous. Please be aware if you are calling in a complaint and wish to remain anonymous it may limit what action law enforcement can take, especially if they do not witness the incident.


911 is the emergency response phone number to contact when you have an emergency. An emergency is an event requiring an immediate response from law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire services, or a combination of any of these agencies.  Examples of emergencies are: crimes in progress with a suspect still present, a motor vehicle crash with road blockage or injuries, a fire (structure, wildland, or vehicle), and a medical emergency currently occurring. 

Non-Emergencies should be reported by calling (608)339-3304 or 1-877-885-9977.  Examples of non-emergencies are: crimes not in progress with no suspect at the scene, a request for a civil standby, and motor vehicle crashes with no injuries and no road blockage.  Please do not call 911 for non-emergency calls.

911 emergency calls are given priority status when coming into the Dispatch Center.  Dispatchers will put non-priority phone calls on hold to answer 911 emergency calls.