Administration Staff / Front Office The direct number for Civil Process is 608-339-4276 for Records 608-339-4289
The Administration / front office is open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM (Excluding Holidays)

Fiscal and Support Services Manager -  Carol Collins
Administration Support Specialist - Cheryl Thompson
Civil Process- Laurel Falash- 608-339-4276
Records- Jessica Studinski - 608-339-4289 


General Law Enforcement Fees

Requests made for documents, photos, video footage or tape recordings will not be sent via e-mail.  They are to be picked up in person or sent via U.S. Mail.

FINGERPRINTING:  $10.00 for the first card, $5.00 for each additional card.

Fingerprinting for CCW Permits or any other request that is not occupational based under Wisconsin State Statutes for Court Appointed Special Advocates, “Kinship Care Relatives”, Foster Home Licenses, Department of Transportation Occupations,  Teachers, Pupil Transportation Service, Operators, School Bus Operators, Private Detective, Private Security, Wholesale Distributors of Prescription Drugs, Racetrack Operators, Lottery Vendors, Indian Gaming Employees and Vendors.  Fingerprinting will be done as Jail operations allow and only between the hours of 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday-Friday.
HOUSE MOVING:  On duty Officer - $40.44/hour - Off-duty Officer - $67.01/hour    
+ Current Federal IRS mileage rate per squad * and $10.00 per hour/per squad. *Mileage
 (as set by current IRS Federal Rate)

In accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes, County, and Department policies, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office will consider Open Records Requests from citizens.  Please be specific in your request to facilitate the retrieval of the information you require.  You should make your request well in advance to allow sufficient time for processing.  Requests may be made in writing, in person or over the phone by contacting the Records Officer at 608-339-4289.  Each record will be reviewed prior to release to ensure statutory guidelines are followed.

 $.25 per page (in person/fax-non U.S. Mail)
$.50 PER PAGE (U.S. mail w/postage/envelope/processing)

$5.00 per subject, excluding official use request from other government agencies or law enforcement agencies. 

Costs associated with locating records may be charged if the cost exceeds $50.00.

MEDIA REPRODUCTION: (Photos, Recordings, Video, Audio, VHS, DVD, 911, etc.)
  *All Media reproduction ships at $2.00 (U.S. Mail with postage/envelope/processing).
Reprints of actual photographs (No CD): Cost of development + 30% (in person-non U.S. Mail)
Reprints of digital photographs onto a CD: $10.00 per CD with digital photos (in person-non U.S. Mail)  
Copies of Inmate Photographs: $1.50 each (in person-non U.S. Mail)  
Copies of recordings (Video/Audio/VHS/DVD): $10.00 each (in person-non U.S. Mail)
Copies of 911 recordings: $10.00 each + time = 1 hr mínimum with fringe.

Civil Process Fees

Basic Civil Process/Paper Service will be billed as application fees plus attempts, mileage, and any miscellaneous fees and actual postage, up to a maximum total of $200.00.  A reasonable amount of attempts will be made, though we will not bill for more than three.  All *mileage is set by the current IRS Federal Rate which can be found at

$40.00 each service, each person + mileage*.
$40.00 each additional attempt up to three (3) attempts.
$20.00 Legal “Not Found” Affidavits/ per person + mileage*.
$25.00 Deputy Time (per deputy/per hour)

$65.00 each for service and seizure plus applicable costs including but not limited to mileage and:  $25.00 Deputy Time (per deputy/per hour)

$150 each Sheriff’s Sale
$75 deposit included with a request for sale.  (Non-Refundable)
$75 after completion of the sale.

Adams County sentenced:   $15.00 each day.
Transfer from other County:   $20.00 per day.
Huber release for Childcare:  $7.00 per day.
EM Hook-up Fee:     1 Unit = $25.00 + $25.00 Booking Fee (per hook-up)    2 Units = $30.00 + $25.00 Booking Fee (per hook-up)
Adams County sentenced:    1 Unit = $20.00 each day.  2 Units = $30.00 each day.
Transfer or work in other county:  1 Unit = $25.00 each day.  2 Units = $35.00 each day
BOOKING:     $25.00 one-time fee per incident. 
DOCTOR VISIT:    $10.00/each visit     NURSE VISIT:    $5.00/each visit.    DENTIST VISIT:    $15.00/each visit.  OTC MEDICATIONS:   $00.50 per dosage. 
MEDICATION SET-UP FEE:  $5.00 (will only be assessed once per calendar month, regardless of date).
COPIES:     $.10 per page.
Revised and approved by the Public Safety & Judiciary Committee on August 14, 2012, and September 12, 2012.  Fees effective beginning January 1, 2013.


Adams County Sheriff's Office